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Here is how you can determine if your vehicle needs a 2-step Process:

After washing your car, run your hand across the hood or trunck. Feel and listen, (make sure your hand is free from rings...) Any roughness that you feel and/or hear represents dirt adhered to your paints finish that the wash process cannot remove.
Our 2-step Detailing is your answer.
We first pre-detail your vehicle by cleaning its:

  • Trunk Jambs
  • Door Jambs
  • Hood Jambs
  • Gas door Jambs

We then wash your vehicle through our soft cloth car wash and bring it into our detail center.
Our next step utilizes a fine grade clay bar to remove the contamination off of the paint. Every square inch of the vehicle surface is cleaned using this special clay bar.
In our finial step, we use an orbital wax applicatior to apply a coat of Carnauba paste wax.Once the wax is dry, we remove it using a fine microfiber towel.
The end result is a clean smooth paint finish. This is how every car should feel.