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Can you wash my SUV/pickup truck?
All factory, non modified , vans and pickups can be safely washed. If you have a pickup that has been modified by installing lift kits, wider tires, ... please let us check you vehicles before you enter into the car wash. We are not responsible for any non-factory installed items or the damage they can cause your vehicle.
What's the biggest car or truck that you can wash?
Will my antenna be okay?
Will my license plate be okay?
Will my bug-shield be okay?
Will my side mirrors be okay?
Will my alloy wheels or custom rims be okay?
Will my cracked windshield be okay?
Are valuables in my vehicle okay?
Can you remove tree sap from the exterior?
Can you remove tree sap from the exterior?
Can you remove overspray paint from the exterior?
Can you remove disc brake dust?
Can you remove pet hair from the interior?
How do I get started when I arrive ?
When do I get out of my vehicle ?
Will you clean the inside too ?
How much time will the wash take ?
Is Autosheen touchless or brushless ?
Are your cleaning products safe?
How can I save money ?
Can you hand wash my car or truck ?
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